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Our clients say, “we feel like you are part of our team.” We do not have interns working with you. You work directly with experts in the learning and technology fields. When you hire Luma you bring on board some of the top talent in the instructional design and technology fields. This sets us apart from our competition. Our mission is to create measurably better outcomes while providing stellar customer service. We have worked with several carriers who transitioned to us because they saw that we want to make a difference with their own orientation situation. We are are there when you need us.

“We have found that DRIVE FIRST has made us more efficient in delivering training and documents to drivers, who mostly access the platform on their smart phones. We have been able to reassign a person to new duty due to the efficiency gains brought on by DRIVE FIRST. We have used other programs and nothing compares to DRIVE FIRST.”


Training Grounded in Learning Science

training on a tablet or mobile phone

We know there are already companies that do digital forms, online training, and digital file storage. We have the same tools, but we ground our platform in learning science. We want to create better outcomes so we collect data to inform future decisions about your drivers. We break down content to help drivers learn and we can assign specific training if drivers need extra information. We also simplify the daunting task of filling out forms by auto populating fields so drivers only have to fill fields out one time. The forms are programmed so they can be read to the drivers and translated into the languages drivers need.

A digital I9 Form in DRIVE FIRST

Improve Efficiency

One carrier who had previously done everything by paper and scanning has gone digital by using our electronic DRIVE FIRST forms and file storage tools. We worked with them to add their custom forms. As one carrier stated, “You've changed how we do business.”

Digital ratings of eNuggets from drivers

Improve Effectiveness

We track analytics on the drivers so we can provide the best learning experience for the drivers. We know that not all drivers have the same learning preferences. All drivers are able to leave unsolicited feedback and rate the training (1-5 stars). We found that one carrier's drivers wanted to read the content, but another carrier's drivers wanted to listen to the content. We work with each carrier so their platform has the tools their drivers need to learn.

Screen Capture of DRIVE FIRST course

Improve Effectiveness

Instead of having different locations doing different orientations, we can help streamline the orientation for your whole organization. We will listen to what you need and help think through potential solutions. For example, we set up a custom road test tracking process to help one carrier document and archive their road tests results across several locations. The carrier stated, “You really try to work with us to understand what we need.”

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