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Our clients like us so much that they want to keep Luma and eNuggets® a secret!   However, when we ask them , "Why Luma?” "  Here is what they say:


“We have found that DRIVE FIRST® has made us more efficient in delivering training and documents to drivers, who mostly access the platform on their smart phones. We have been able to reassign a person to new duty due to the efficiency gains brought on by DRIVE FIRST®. We have used other programs and nothing compares to DRIVE FIRST®.”


Tired of Unhappy Drivers?

training on a tablet or mobile phone

“Our drivers enjoy the Luma training MUCH more. They hated the video trainings!”

A digital I9 Form in DRIVE FIRST

Improve Efficiency

One carrier who had previously done everything by paper and scanning has gone digital by using our electronic DRIVE FIRST® forms and file storage tools. As one carrier stated, “You've changed how we do business.”

Digital ratings of eNuggets from drivers

Tired of old training content that has not been updated for decades?

“Our last provider claimed that their content was interactive, but it was still just video. Luma’s training is truly interactive.” –DRIVE FIRST® Client

Screen Capture of DRIVE FIRST course

Frustrated with bad customer service? People not being available when you need them?

“You really try to work with us to understand what we need.” –DRIVE FIRST® Client

“Luma feels like part of our team!” –DRIVE FIRST® Client

'You are always there when we need you!" –DRIVE FIRST® Client

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