Learning is Getting Drivers Oriented

Get truck drivers oriented effectively and efficiently.


We do not try to be a
“one-size fits all”.

Customer Service

We help you with what you need. We are there you need us.


We can help you build an orientation training that works for you.

Key Features of DRIVE FIRST

  • Work directly with experts in the learning field to help you build your DRIVE FIRST Orientation that meets your needs.
  • Get responsive (<24 hour) service.
  • Get access to pre-built content and forms that take into account driver's learning preferences.
  • Get ongoing data to keep you informed with progress and outcomes.

Want to streamline your orientation process?

With so many moving parts and vendors it can be overwhelming. We can help you build an orientation process that works for you. (e.g. fully online, hybrid, and/or combination). We have a library of content and forms, but we work with your team to decide what is best for your situation and drivers. We can host your forms and files in the Luma File Cabinet or explore integration with your form provider.

Also, and most importantly, how do we make an impact with the drivers? Having studied drivers learning preferences for five years, we know some drivers have unique learning challenges. We use this data to inform how we present information to the drivers. For example, we can turn on a reader that reads content to drivers. It can read to them in the language that they learn best. We can also translate content and forms on-the-fly in the language they prefer to learn in.

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