What makes Luma unique? Our Solution

DRIVE FIRST® embeds forms and training in a game-like environment to promote driver engagement. This means better prepared drivers getting on the road faster. Luma stands out from the competition by improving what other driver training companies have tried to do for decades.


Luma does more than just allow you to upload videos, word documents, PDFs of policies, and forms. We work closely with you to help make the orientation your own.

Customer Service

When you work with Luma, Luma becomes part of your team.


Luma does not use long and clunky training videos that drivers do not like. We embed different types of content in a game-like environment to promote driver engagement.

Product features of DRIVE FIRST®
not found anywhere else

  • The Luma eNugget®. Drivers can listen or read and have the content translated into the language in which they learn best, all while having fun earning points and rewards.
  • Rapid Form Tools. We are lean and ready to work with you. We can take your paper forms and make them digital in 24–48 hours.
  • Data-driven Learning. Real-time analytics are collected from the drivers to make on-the-go changes to support the driver experience and learning.

Looking to save time and money with your orientation?

Clients who have switched to Luma reported significant savings with their orientation processes.

“Our orientation went from all-paper to 100% paperless with DRIVE FIRST®

“Luma shortened our orientation by half!”

“We are able to process three times the number of orientations with DRIVE FIRST®.”

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